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You should carefully read the following Terms and Conditions. Your access and use of the Tunxis Blog Service web site constitutes acknowledgment that you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.


Content hosted on the Tunxis Blog Service web site contain views and opinions that belong to the individual who posted that content. Views and opinions expressed do not reflect those of Tunxis Community College. Complaints can be sent to the Tunxis Blog Service system administrator (James Revillini <jrevillini@txcc.commnet.edu>).


The Tunxis Blog Service is the property of Tunxis Community College and the Connecticut Community College System (CCC). You are obligated to follow all policies which apply to you as an employee of the State of CT, Connecticut Community Colleges and Tunxis Community College while using this site. CCC Information Technology policies can be found at http://www.commnet.edu/it/policy/

Legitimate Use

The following uses of this service are deemed appropriate:

* academic / course-related use that contains no PCI data

All use of the Tunxis Blog server will be authenticated and records of use will be maintained in compliance with State of Connecticut records retention policies. However, with approval from the President of the College, certain blogs may be designated to allow unauthenticated public contributions to the blog in the form of comments.

Other uses of this service may not be appropriate and are subject to review. Content may be removed without notice.

Be aware that content posted to blogs on this service are visible to the public at large. At no time should any content be posted that contains any CCC Protected Confidential Information. The CCC defines PCI data as follows:

Protected Confidential Information – Data, which if exposed to any security risk or otherwise disclosed, would violate Federal or State law or CCC contract or policy. PCI data includes
* PCI Identity Data, as described in the next definition,
* Non-Public Directory Information,
* Academic Data,
* Other confidential data which may be further defined as part of a comprehensive Data Classification Policy. (In the future we would want to add a link to the Data Classification Policy that is currently in development)

PCI Identity Data –PCI Identity Data is a sub-set of the broader PCI category, and includes the following data elements which, if improperly disclosed, could be used for identity theft or to cause financial harm to an individual or the CCC if used in conjunction with other available information (e.g. name, address, telephone number, etc.):
* Social Security Number
* Date of Birth
* Mother’s Maiden Name
* Student Loan Data
* Bank Account Numbers
* Credit Card Numbers

Termination of Services

Any blog, or portion thereof, may be taken offline or deleted under the direction of the Director of Institutional Effectiveness (David England <dengland@txcc.commnet.edu>).

Any Blogs violating these Terms and Conditions, CCC Policies or Blogs which have fallen into disuse (they have not had new posts written for 1 year) may be taken offline at the discretion of the Tunxis Blog Service system administrator (James Revillini <jrevillini@txcc.commnet.edu>), the Director of Institutional Effectiveness (David England <dengland@txcc.commnet.edu>), or the Dean of Academic Affairs (Michael Rooke <mrooke@txcc.commnet.edu>).

Modifications to Terms of Use

Tunxis Blog Service may revise these terms of use for its web site at any time without notice. The Tunxis Blog Service system administrator (James Revillini <jrevillini@txcc.commnet.edu>) will attempt to notify blog authors when the terms change. By using this web site you are agreeing to be bound by the then current version of these Terms and Conditions.

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