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Conflict can be an interesting problem in any given story. The Journey to the West is no exception. Consider the following questions as study prompts. Also think about the novel as a “journey” in the variety of traditions we will be examining.

1. What is the nature of conflict in A Journey to the West? Can you discern a pattern that would appear to describe how “plot” (complication) unfolds in the novel?

2. Why is Monkey significant to conflict in The Journey to the West? Explore his character and the ideas his character inspires, perhaps even relation to other characters, like Tripitaka or the Sha Monk?

3. Direction matters in The Journey to the West. Why? What’s the big deal?

4. What dispute does Fu Yi have with the Buddha? Why does this dispute matter to the story the novel tells?

5. What’s the significance of names in The Journey to the West?

Directions for a response paper:

In a paper no longer than 500 words, take one of the above study questions and elaborate on it as an essay response. Use strict MLA formatting in the essay and quote to show significant references to the text. Us this paper as a model for citation method and honing the Works Cited.