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Spring World Literature II Calendar
Date Description Assignment
Jan 24 Course Introduction. Semester contributions. Introduction to Literary Studies. What do we mean when we refer to World Literature? Students should begin reading The Journey to the West selections in the Norton Anthology.
Jan 29 Weather Closing
Jan 31 Backgrounds discussion. Literature of China and Japan. Cultural contexts.
Feb 5 Wu Cheng’en from The Journey to the West
Feb 7 Journey to the West continued. Complete to Chapter 44. Or you could read it to the end to get a sense of the whole. Response 1 due
Feb 12 Matsuo Bashō from The Narrow Road to the Deep North
Feb 14 Complete Bashō.
Feb 19 The Drama of East Asia. Kong Shangren, from The Peach Blossom Fan
Feb 21 The Peach Blossom Fan continued. Response 2 due.
Feb 26 Return to the novel. Cao Xueqin, The Story of the Stone.
Feb 28 The Story of the Stone continued
March 5 Complete The Story of the Stone
March 7 First Exam review World Literature II Exam 1 due March 8th by noon via email
March 12 – 14 Semester Break
March 19 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust
March 21 Faust continued
March 26 Barbauld, Blake, and Baudelaire. All poems.
March 28 Bunina (530-534) and Dario (pages 427-432, 565 . . .) Section corrected.
April 2 Ghalib, all poems Response 3 due.
April 4 Rabindranath Tagore, all stories
April 9 Pandita Ramabai Married Life and Legal Rights
April 11 Storytelling in a Modern Context Exam 2 due
April 16 Lu Xun Diary of a Madman
April 18 Diary of a Madman continued
April 23
April 25 Carlos Fuentes, Aura
April 30 Aura continued
May 2  Ōe Kenzaburō The Clever Rain Tree
May 7 Hanan al-Shaykh The Woman’s Swimming Pool
May 9 Reading Day
May 14 No class because of other finals.
May 16 Finals Due by 5 PM. Exam 3