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Documenting Sources

This section lists recent web sites and sources for information on writing with sources and evaluating and synthesizing research materials.

The Tunxis Community College Library Portal to Documentation resources.  Provides links to useful resources, including Purdue’s OWL.

Zbib. The easy and precise way to create Works Cited entries. Simply plug the URL into the search and zbib will format the source for you in numerous styles.

This page covers “basic” search methods at the Tunxis Community College Library search line: ExLibris Knowledge Center.

Major Websites

MLA Formatting and Style Guide: Purdue University.

Documenting Sources at Wikibooks.

Using Sources: Summarizing, Paraphrasing, and Quoting Sources from Eastern Washington University

Specific Pages Within the Above

Purdue’s OWL page on in-text citations.

The Works Cited page: entries for electronic sourcesbooks and periodicals.

Resources on Technique

Dr. Dennis Jerz (Seton Hill University) on effective quotation.

Effective Quote Integration (pdf), University of Washington.

Sample Papers

Sample Papers at Purdue OWL

Resources for writing about literature:

Writing about Literature

Norton’s Litweb

Managing Resources

This section provides links to tools that assist writers with organizing and evaluating reading materials.

Zotero.  A Firefox extension for storing and managing research materials.  Use it also to create Works Cited lists and Bibliographies.

Diigo.  An online bookmarking and information sharing research tool.  Provides a toolbar for annotating and commenting on online documents.

Delicious.  An online bookmarking and information sharing tool for storing found and accumulating research on the Internet.

You can also try Mozilla Weave and Google Bookmarks.

Forms of Research

This section links to tools that bring subject matter to the writer.

Feedly.  An RSS feed reader.  Persistent searches on research subjects.

NewsBlur. Another RSS reader.