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New Media Perspectives

Hypertext Project Spring 2020

General Directions

Using the Twine interface, produce a “compelling” and “interesting” analysis or story in the form of hypertext, using physical links as the principle method of navigation. You may use an already existing work, such as a college paper, or an already existing story, or a new fresh piece of work composed in the Twine space. The significant task here is not to replicated the original text but to produce one “native” to a new media environment and to be able to explain how the original becomes something new or different.

The Twine hypertext will be supplied to me as an html document, such as myromancestory.html.

Specific or Other Thoughts

In a conventional course, such a project would require a few stages, especially a rudimentary storyboard that might visualize how a reader would move or potentially move or traverse through the space of the story, following Vannevar Bush’s trails or what we now call paths. As can be seen in discussion, developing the hypertext is much more complex that thinking of the new scheme as chopped up paragraphs because that assumes the linear text. In the hypertext, we’re thinking in terms more like three-dimensional chess, where individual screens or lexia act as a sort of plane or surface. We can see forward, up, down, behind to other levels of the story. Where we go depends on the texture of the place where we are.