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Spring 2019 Calendar
Date Description Assessment
Jan 28 New Media Communication. Review of new media. What do we mean by new media and new media relationships? The academic and professional context of new media. Supplementary links: Eastern. UCONN. Hartford.
Jan 30 General New Media Principles and History. New media as Code, Design, and Cultural Environment. Context Reading and viewing: Vannaver Bush. And read this. Write a brief response to Bush: Theme: What of Bush’s predictions do you see operating in today’s tech world? Supplementary Texts: On Drum Tracks and Shaping the Music of the 80s; Right to Robots?; Delivery Drones; The Weedinator.
Feb 4 Watch PressPausePlay. General discussion on New Media Principles in Culture and Practice. Response due.
Feb 6 Social Media and new media systems. Metaphor and mental models. From networks to AI to advert-bots or whatever. Supplementary texts: Like. Flirt. Ghost.
Feb 11 Defining systems. New Media in History.
Feb 13 Reading in New Media Environments or Reading New Media Environments. Supplementary reading: The Elephant Chart.
Feb 18 President’s Day–College Closed
Feb 20 Story Telling, Narrative, and New Media
Feb 25 The Digital Life and mental models. Read Chapter 1: The Medium is the Message by Marshall Mcluhan.
Feb 27 Review
March 4  Quiz 1 in-class
March 6
March 11 Semester Break
March 13 Semester Break
March 18 Quiz 1
March 20 Project 1 discussion. Storytelling and software.  Pitching story Storyboards due
March 25 Working with storyboards. Story Ideas due.
March 27 In-class work with storyboards.
April 1 Working with procedures in new media. Scriptwriting. Working with new media tools. Refining Storyboards Follow this link to find helpers for script writing. Refined storyboards due by midnight.
April 3 Refining scripts. Story scripts due by midnight.
April 8 Linking. Non-linear story. The writerly, readerly text. Links and relationships. Read Vesp by Porpentine. How Story is Physical. Complete Digital Stories due by midnight.
April 10 Read about an hour’s worth of Susan Gibb’s Blueberries, Paul La Farge’s Luminous Airplanes, and Book of Waste. Discussion. Jame’s Lynch’s The House of Mystery.
April 15 Interactive Fiction Readings: PhotopiaNine PointsBlue Lacuna, Blue Lacuna excerpt, Endless NamelessBlue Chairs Download Inform 7 or create an account at playfic for a decent online version of the storymaker.
April 17  Working with interface. Scan through the Inform 7 manual by John Timmons. Understanding Space.
April 22  Understanding Point of View
April 24 Understanding Advanced Objects Maps-and-Motion due.
April 29 Understanding Automation with values
May 1 Understanding Process: How to defrost a frozen digital chicken.
May 6 Teaching the Machine and more on process and plot Actions and Objects Due by Midnight
May 8  Outcomes and Endings
May 15  Final Exam: 10:05-12:05PM  Inform-Final due by midnight.