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New Media Perspectives: IF Project

Maps and Motion

For this first portion of the project, create a map of at least 6 Locations, with detailed descriptions, and a sense POV and purpose to the actions of your POV character. Try to create a high degree of interactivity for your locations and make these interactions logical. You should two occasions of purposeful outcome to the interactions made possible in your locations. Here are some things to think about.

Basic Requirements: 6 location map, with relevant descriptions, reasonable objects to manipulate, and a goal for the reader.

Things to accomplish:

1. Create an opportunity for immersion through description and motion (moving to and from locations, taking/examining objects).

2. Create the possibility for meaningful understanding of space. You might work with agency, intention, meaning, and goals in this regard.

3. Create a sense of character for the reader/player: the reader has a purpose, is provided a sense of accomplishment).

4. Play with color, atmosphere/ambiance, and machine to human interaction.