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The following items link to  PDF downloads for use by people working with Inform 7 projects. These resources were written and made available by the late John Timmons, Professor of Art, Communication, and New Media at Tunxis Community College.

Introduction to Interactive Fiction: A brief introduction to Interactive fiction and an environment for writing these kinds of works. This introduction covers what interactive fiction is and how to begin thinking about writing in the form.

Part 1: Creating Your World. How to create  rooms, descriptions, map pathways, and other amazing things.

Part 2: Decorating Your World. Creating and describing objects in the world.

Part 3: Doors. On doors, locks, and keys.

Part 4: Making Your World Behave. Covers actions, conditions, and ending the story.

Part 5: Finishing Up. Covers publishing, scoring, and other bibliographic information.

A full version of  John Timmons’ Inform Manual.

In addition to the manual, you can also find more advances methods by clicking on this link to John’s inform snippets, called The Foyer is a Room.