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Section 1 - The Set Up

The Foyer is a room. A hat is in the Foyer. The hat is wearable. A thing called car keys is in the Foyer. The envelope and the letter opener are in the Foyer. The envelope is a closed openable container.

The Living Room is west of the Foyer. A table is a supporter in the Living Room. The cage is a closed openable transparent container on the table. A mouse is in the cage. A note is on the table. The description is "Don't mess with the mouse."  The reading glasses are on the table. The reading glasses are wearable. The protective gloves are on the table. Understand "gloves", "protectives", and "gluffs" as protective gloves. The protective gloves are wearable.

Section 2 - The Before Rule

Before opening the envelope:
	if the player carries the letter opener:
		continue the action;
		say "You open the letter with the letter opener";
		say "Shouldn't you be using the letter opener?" instead.

Here's an alternative to the above:

Before opening the envelope:
	if the player carries the letter opener, continue the action;
	otherwise say "Should't you use the letter opened to do that?"

The next example of the before rule simply prints a message "before" the default message or "after" message appears.

Before wearing the hat, say "You comb your hair then put on the hat."

Section 3 - The After Rule

After taking the hat, say "This is a very nice hat. You feel the contours of its shape, trace the dimple across the crown, feel the feather, all in admiration of the hat."

After opening the cage, say "You open the cage and the mouse just sort of looks at you."

After dropping the hat, say "You lay the hat down slowly and with reverence."

Section 4 - The Report Rule

Report going west from the Foyer:
	say "You leave the Foyer behind, heading to new adventures."

Section 5 - The Instead Rule

Instead of taking the car keys, say "You can't take the car keys."

Instead of examining the mouse:
	say "It's a cute little thing, but the teeth look larger than normal. They look like they might be able to break human bone."

Instead of taking the mouse:
	if the player wears the gloves:
		say "You remove the mouse from the cage carefully, wearing the gloves.";
		continue the action;
		say "You reach in for the mouse and it takes off the first section of your pointing finger with it's tusk-like teeth."

Instead of examining the note:
	if the player wears the reading glasses:
		say "You clearly see that the note is intended as a warning! It reads: don't mess with the mouse.";
		say "Your fading eyesight makes you feel somewhat helpless."