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“RoomPrints” by Stephen Ersinghaus

The Beach is a room. A shell is in the Beach. The description of the Beach is “The Beach stretches seemingly forever to the west.”

A nail is a thing. [here we create an object but don’t put it anywhere until later]

After examining the shell:
now the printed name of the Beach is “The House.”;
now the description of the Beach is “It’s a house.”;
remove the shell from play;
now the nail is in the Beach. [a little trick for placing in the nail and moving the player]

[a way to deal with large or vast spaces follows]

Beach1 is west of the Beach. The printed name is “Beach”. The description of Beach1 is “Yes you’re still on the beach but we’re providing the illusion for the reader that he or she is still on the Beach.”

Beach2 is west of Beach1. The printed name is “Beach”.

Beach3 is west of Beach2. The printed name is “Beach”.