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Essay on Figures
British Literature I

In the human sphere, the eyes are important as the vehicle through which most but not all people experience the world. It should not be forgotten, however, that it is not the only sense we use to “make sense of things.” But it is significant enough that it shapes the way we use language. When we see something, we often claim that we know it. And so we say, “I see” as another way of indicating that “I understand.” Some people, we claim, are blind, when we really mean they are “not seeing.” Modern projections work within this set of ideas. For example, Nate Silver of the New York Times with his data projected the outcome of the recent presidential election to a high degree of accuracy. His critics, however, argued that such methods were wrong, and thus they now seem “blind” to the possibility.

In a paper argue the literary meaning of sight as a metaphor in two or more works of literature. You need to make an interpretation in this paper, making your own case independent of lecture and discussion. This means you can’t use my readings (interpretations) as your own. You may draw from whatever period you wish. For example, when did Gawain “see”? But it would be preferred that you stick to current readings.

Use significant amounts of evidence from the works to make your case. You may also draw from your own experience, also. Use proper citation methods for poetry and prose.