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What is it?
There are many types of portfolios. There’s the Process Portfolio and the Product Portfolio. In this course you will be working on a hybrid type that merges both process and product. Ultimately, the portfolio tells me what you are learning in the course and what you have learned—all in terms of abilities. The portfolio demonstrates that you are working on the stories that the course expects of you. Since the portfolio reveals “learning,” you include whatever work in it you think demonstrates course abilities. If a portfolio is presented to me with very little work in it, then very little will be demonstrated from the portfolio.

The portfolio should include:

1. Final copy of stories that you consider “best” writing (final copy should add up to 20 pages min). I’m looking for a minimum of three stories for the course. Each story should attempt a different voice or variations on voice.  By the end of the course, you should have 20 combined pages when the three stories are added together (not including the flash fictions).
2. 3 of your best, revised Short Short/flash stories.
3. The Journal

The Thing Itself
The Portfolio should be packaged in a pocket folder

End-of-Semester Evaluation

The semester closing portfolio should contain 20 “finished” pages minimum of three or more examples of fiction that you have been working on over the course of the semester, including substantial draft material. Note on Amount: This 20 pages may not be “one” story but several. The stories should show a range of work given the models and techniques with which we’ve been working. One story cannot demonstrate in mature fashion that you understand the elements of fiction writing.

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