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Spring 2019 Calendar

Jan 28 Course introduction, requirements. The course portfolio and journal. Selections. First story due. Otto Magazine. S1
Jan 30 Weather Closing
Feb 4 Story concepts continued. In-class exercise.
Feb 6 Read Sunday in the Park and Moving Pictures. Treating Conflict.
Feb 11 Read Fondation Deportation at Breakfast. Description, Scene, and Conflict.
Feb 13 Dialogue and Conflict. Read Oates Where are You Going, Where have You Been S3
Feb 18 No Class–President’s Day
Feb 20 Conflict and Plot. Read Whalen The Visitation, Bradbury I See You Never. S4
Feb 25 Introduction to Workshop
Feb 27  Weather and Other Changes start here S5
March 4
March 6 Workshop S6
March 11-13 Semester Break
March 18 Workshop
March 20 Workshop  S7
March 25 Workshop
March 27 Workshop
April 1 Hughes, Thank You, M’am.  S8
April 3 Will Baker, Grace Period.
April 8 Read Carver, Popular Mechanics. Russel Edson, Dinner Time.  S9
April 10 Workshop
April 15 Workshop  S10
April 17 Workshop
April 22  S11
April 24 Read Alice Munro’s Walker Brothers Cowboy. This story is easily found in any fiction anthology also.
April 29 Workshop  S12
May 1 Read Chapters 1 and 2 of Lieske’s Wormworld. Elkin, A Poetics for Bullies.
May 6 Workshop  S13
May 8 Workshop  S14
May 13 No class because of other finals.
May 15 Last Day of Spring Semester. Portfolios Due by 5PM