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Directions for Works Cited Practice

Compose a Works Cited page in MLA 8 format using both Primo and sources found outside the Primo interface. Basically this is just a practice search so that you can find sources for the purpose of getting more comfortable with the format of Works Cited entries.

1. Choose a topic to search at the Primo interface. You can grab one from Issues and Controversies, if you’d like, by following your way to the database area at the Library and Instructional Technology main page and scrolling down until you see Quick Links and Databases by Subject. For Issues and Controversies, you should be logged into the system either via myCommNet and go to the library interface from inside myCommNet.

2. Find a book, a reference article, and journal or magazine article on the topic in Primo. Use these three items to compose part of your Works Cited page. You can use the Resource Type filter for this.

3. With that same topic, move to a web browser (whichever you tend to use) and complete a search. Find 2 additional articles on the topic and use them to complete the composition of the Works Cited page.

Keep these issues in mind: the hanging indent, double spacing, the subtraction of http:// or https:// characters from the online/web entries. Also, keep the order of the entries in mind.