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Spring 2020 MW Calendar
January 22 Introduction to the course.  Research, Assignments, and other course matter. The order of assignments. Expectations.
27 Introduction to Ability-based learning and the course portfolio.
29 Discussion of a model paper in academic writing. Structure and organization. Model Paper.
February 3 Document preparation for academic contexts. Structure and organization continued. The idea of documents and composition structure in an academic context. Skim my bit on Class Preparation.
5 Document Preparation review. The Tunxis Library and the Library database systems. The mechanics of research in an academic context. Document Preparation sample due
10 The Works Cited page. General documentation discussion.
12 How to find authorities and angles: a deeper study of search techniques.
17 Presidents’ Day Recess – COLLEGE CLOSED – NO CLASSES
19 Read Chapter 1.1: An Argument Framework in Academic Writing. Sample Works Cited entries due
24 What is analysis?  Standards of Evaluation and Analysis. Read Chapter 2.1 in Academic Writing, including linked-to readings from that Chapter. Always read the linked-to readings in any particular chapter of the textbook.
26 Topic discussion. Back into search.
March 2 The Research Project: The paper and its parts. Debate, History, and Analysis. Topic discussion continued. Thinking about disciplines.
4 How to write two types of summary. Read chapter 2.3 in Academic Writing. Topic Choices Due
9 Summary writing review. Rhetorical Analysis. Types of argument and rhetorical appeals. Read chapter 3.1 in Academic writing.
11 Rhetorical Analysis continued. Types of argument continued. Analysis 1: Summary Paper due.

Spring Break

This online reading and assignment calendar now reflects more of an Online Learning stroke, designating weeks rather than days. The days remain for the sake of context so that students and the professor know where a week actually is in a month. Blackboard will reflect the weeks and the content for students.

Week 8


Thinking about bias and academic questions. Read chapter 3.2 in Academic Writing.
25 Read Chapter 4.2 in Academic Writing. Read Alice Hamilton. Synthesis.
Week 9


Review Chapter 3.1 in Academic Writing. Read The Tragedy of the Commons. How does Hardin make the case for his position? Synthesis continued.
April 1 Research and Debate study. Read The Myth of the Tragedy of the Commons and Elinor Ostrom And The Digital Commons. What are the counter points to Hardin?  Analysis 2: Rhetorical Analysis due end of day Sunday night and so forth . . .
Week 10


Debate ideas continued.
8 Read Chapter 5.1 in Academic Writing
Week 11


Synthesis and the argument section
15 The argument section continued Analysis 3: Comparative Analysis due end of day Sunday
Week 12


Using summary, rhetorical analysis, and analysis
22 Read Chapter 6.1 in Academic Writing. Thinking about the whole and its parts.
Week 13


Final Paper review. Review Chapter 6.1. Modeling structure.
29 In-class editing.
Week 14



 In-class editing continued Follow-up drafts due
6  Last Day of Classes Final Research Paper. See Bl for this paper’s assignment.
 Week 15 (finals)