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Analysis 4 is a draft-level argument paper that follows as closely as possible the scaffold of the persuasive framework: problem, position, arguments, evidence, appeals, reasoning. This paper is all about making your case or arguing your position using two new or fresh sources to provide supportive information for your own case. This assignment expects you take what you’ve learned about persuasive writing and research and to apply that learning in an effective  composition structure.

In this paper, develop an argument following the problem you’ve been writing about since Analysis 2. Analysis 4 is basically your “outline” or “core focus” for the final research paper’s argument section, assuming you’ve developed the ability to ability summary, analysis, and source assessment and evaluation.

What’s your position, what are your arguments, what evidence and appeals do you have in support of the arguments as drawn from the sources? This section might follow the structure of the classical argument.

Format: MLA 8

Works Cited: 2 Works Cited entries

Length: about 800 words

Submission: In-class

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