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Fall 2019 MW Calendar


Introduction to the course. Introduction to Ability-based learning and the Portfolio. Research, Assignments, and other Matter. Model Paper.


What is analysis? Read Chapter 1.1: An Argument Framework in Academic Writing. Skim my bit on Class Preparation.
9 Read Chapter 2.1 and 2.2 in Academic Writing. Research-based writing and the research process. This day we’ll cover academic, professional, and other types of sources you’re likely to encounter in research. Some amount of this discussion will introduce Standards of Evaluation for sources and documentation. Supplementary subjects: weblogs, journals, newspaper sources (articles and opinions), bookmarking and organizing.
11 Sample analysis. Read Keynes on Economic Possibilities.
16 Project One discussion. Process Assignment Review. Read the Research Process Assignment and complete the tutorials assigned in the assignment. The tutorials can be found in this course’s Blackboard area in the Course Content folder.
18 Beginning the research process. The “debate” section. Analysis 1 review. Read Erik Hurst’s article titled Video Killed the Radio Star. Process Assignment due.
23 Read Chapter 2.3 in Academic Writing. More on modeling analysis. Read on the love crisis and another report on a different issue. Choose one of these readings and briefly describe how the author either makes an effective or ineffective case or story. Supplementary: on 13 Reasons Why. And: a response.  Response due.
25 Moving From Summary to Analysis. The Technique of Synthesis. Standards of Identification and Analysis.
30 Analysis 2 review: types of argument in the context of “the debate”; how to find influencers/players and angles. Working with the idea of Bias. Read Chapter 3.1 in Academic Writing. Analysis 1 due at the beginning of class. No electronic submissions please.

(Summary writing).



Evaluation and Conclusion Making, Part 1. Read Chapter 3.2 in Academic Writing.
7 Analysis 2 review. Types of argument and rhetorical modes.
9 Research Case Study. Read Chapter 3.3 in Academic Writing.  Analysis 2 due in class.
14 Read Chapter 5.1 in Academic Writing. Techniques of Comparison.
16 Introductions, Synthesis, and the Debate Section.  Analysis 3 due.
21 Group work. Editing. Bring two copies of your draft of Project 1 to class. This is a must attend session.  Project One Drafts due
23 Project One wrap up. How did we get here and what did we do? Project 2 discussion. Broadening the scope of Project One: the Argument and History sections. Project One due.
28 Read Chapter 4.1 in Academic Writing. Evaluation and Conclusion Making, Part 2.
30 Read Chapter 4.2 in Academic Writing. Read Alice Hamilton.


Review Chapter 3.1 in Academic Writing. Read The Tragedy of the Commons. How does Hardin make the case for his position?
6 Research and Debate study. Read The Myth of the Tragedy of the Commons and Elinor Ostrom And The Digital Commons. What are the counter points to Hardin?
11 Read The Case for Reparations. How does Coates go about making his case?
13 Research and Debate study. Read The Impossibility of Reparations. What techniques does Frum use in his arguments against Coates. Coates Responds.
18 Analysis 5 review. Analysis 4 due
20 Review Chapter 6.1. Modeling structure.
25 Modeling structure continued.
27-Dec 1 Thanksgiving Break. Read Chapter 6.1 in Academic Writing. Thinking about the whole and its parts. Analysis 5 due.


Peer review  Project 2 Due for peer review
4 Last Day of Session. Directions for the Portfolio Cover Letter.