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Fall 2019 Composition Calendar (Late Start)
Date Description Assignment


Course Introduction. The Portfolio. Ability-Based Learning. In-class writing and assessment. Course theme: Civic Virtue.
17 Discussion: what constitutes civic virtue as an idea to think and write about in a Composition course? Ideas on argumentation and writing. How to deal with college-level reading and note taking, and looking things up. What does it mean to interpret and evaluate complex texts? Discussion. Scan the Wikipedia entry on Civic Virtue. Critical Analysis. Read Prepping for Class. Read in the Text: Chapter 1: Analysis and Writing.
19 The Persuasive Framework. Discussion. Read this short bit on a version of the meaning of civic virtue. Read Robert D. Putnam, Bowling Alone. First In-class quiz.
24 Subject: The Good Life.

Discussion. Montaigne, Jefferson, and Madison. Read in the text: Chapter 1: The Basics of Argumentation and Reasoning and Logic. Supplementary Reading: Chapter 3 in text: Aristotle’s Politics.

26 Read Chapter 3 in the text at least to page 50, including the introductory material. Michel de Montaigne, To Study Philosophy is to Learn to Die. Breaking the composition down. Reading Montaigne. Supplementary view for one example of context.


Reading Montaigne continued. Complete the text. Further thoughts on structure, composition, and application. Analysis 1 due: The Problem in Montaigne.
3 Read Chapter 8 in the text. Jefferson. The Declaration of Independence including introductory sections of the chapter. Analysis and discussion. Supplementary: Study Questions for the Declaration. Supplementary: The Constitution of the United States.  In-class quiz 2
8 Read Chapter 9 in the Text: Intro and Madison, Letter to W.T. Barry called Securing the Republic.
10 Madison continued. Analysis 2 due. Madison and Summary Writing
15 Readings review. Structure, grammar, and synthesis in Composition.
17 Project 1 review. Drafting Project 1.
22 Reading Day
24 In class peer review Drafts due. Two drafts required.
29 Subject: Thinking about Liberty

Discussion. Plato, Wollstonecraft, Mill, and MLK

 Project 1 Due
31 Read Chapter 4 in the Text: Intro essay and Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.


Plato continued.  Analysis 3 due
7 Read Chapter 6 in the Text: Mary Wollstonecraft, excerpt from A Vindication of the Rights of Women.


 In-class quiz 3
12 Wollstonecraft continued. Introduction to John Stuart Mill.
14 Read Mill. Wollstonecraft continued.  Analysis 4 due
19 Mill continued
21 Read Dr. Martin Luther King: Letter from a Birmingham Jail. Original document. Web readable document. Review Rhetorical Analysis 2.Supplement: What King is Responding to.
Thanksgiving Break 26-28


Project 2 discussion. Essay structure and modeling.  Analysis 5 due
5 Peer editing  Project 2 drafts due.
10  Portfolios Due

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