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MW Fall 2017 Calendar
Date Description Assessment
August 30 Introduction to the course. The Literary Studies framework. The Middle Ages. Anglo Saxon and Norman England. Works in Old English and why they matter. Some historical notes: Anglo-Saxon backgrounds, migrations, Rome, and language.
Sept 6 Introduction to the epic in the English Literature context. Supplements: Anglo-Saxon Literature (in text), Beowulf in Hypertext
Sept 11 Begin Beowulf. Get up to about  the half-way point.
Sept 13 Complete BeowulfDeor, Online.
Sept 18 The Venerable Bede and Caedmon’s Hymn.  The Dream of the RoodThe Wanderer.  Response on Deor due.
Sept 20 The Wife’s Lament. The Husband’s Message. Widsith.
Sept 25 The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry. The Whale. The Panther. The Corries doing The Great Silkie.
Sept 27 Read Lanval, Marie de France.
October 2 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.
October 4 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.
October 9 Chaucer, General Prologue and The Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale 
October 11 Wife of Bath continued
October 16 Exam Review.
October 18 Section Review, first hour or so. The Early Modern Period to the mid seventeenth century. The court. Issues of the English Renaissance and Reformation.  Exam One due
October 23 Sir Thomas Wyatt the Elder, The long loveWhoso list to huntMy galleyMine own John Poins. Sir Philip Sidney, Astrophil and Stella, selections 1-10.
 October 25 Isabella Whitney, Will and Testament. Emelia Lanyer, selections from Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum to Eve’s Apology. Mary Wroth, Urania. Background reading: Genesis 1-3.
 October 30 Donne, selections from Songs and Sonnets. Read all poems in the Songs offerings in the text.
 Nov 1 Shakespeare, King Lear.
 Nov 6 King Lear, continued.  Essay on Figures due
 Nov 8 King Lear, continued.
 Nov 13 Bacon, Of Truth, Of Studies, Novum Organum, all selections.
 Nov 15 Read Herbert, from The Temple: The Altar, Redemption. Philips, A Married State and Upon the Double Murder of King Charles. Marvell: To His Coy Mistress and A Dialogue between the Soul and Body.
 Nov 17 Milton, Paradise Lost
 Nov 20 Paradise Lost
 Nov 22-26 Break
 Nov 27 Paradise Lost
 Nov 29 Paradise Lost
Dec 4 Paradise Lost
Dec 6 John Lock, Essay on Human Understanding
Dec 11 Exam Review
Finals Week: Dec 12-18  Final Exam due December 15 via email by midnight Final Exam Due

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