Message for Friday, March 27, 2020


The courses on this website have been moved into the online learning environment, Blackboard. Courses inside Blackboard have been retreated so that they reflect weekly rather than daily work. In the conventional course, the course calendar dictates the organization of work. In an online course, where discussion threads and other digital materials take the place of the in-class meeting, there’s really no need for the Calendar.

Given the conditions we’re all having to live and additional pressures, the courses now reflect what I call the “digital way” of doing things. Most assignments will be due now on Sunday nights rather than in class. And all assignments, lectures, readings, and required prep are now dictated by the Weekly folders in Blackboard.

My work with students is now being conducted from home, but the work week is still in tact. Beginning Monday, I will have some screen captures for you to follow on my Youtube channel either made available here or in Blackboard.