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Blogs are greek to me.

Why blog? What are these things? Well, the best explanation I’ve found is on YouTube, but it’s actually for evaluation purposes only, and as such, it would be wrong of me to link directly to it without buying a license.  However, I can tell you that if you were to go to YouTube and search for something like “why blog?”, then you could very easily find this video (you know, so that you could evaluate whether or not you want to buy your own license for it).

I got a blog.  Now what?

So you have a blog, but how do you manage it? Check out this video about wordpress blog administration.

Need more input.

Old Fashioned Way: Read the documentation.

Don’t like to read?  OK, then I suggest you go to Google and start typing some keywords to find out more about blogging.  Good luck!  If you find some good resources, let me know.

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