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Artemis and Daniel Berkman

September 19th, 2013 No comments

A house concert, part of the “Room for Living” Tour featuring Voltaic celestial pop artist Artemis and multi-instrumentalist and composer Daniel Berkman will be held Thursday, Sept. 19, 7 p.m. at Tunxis Community College’s Farmington House, located at 258 Scott Swamp Road in Farmington.
Enjoy an intimate evening of song and instrumental music featuring looped and unlooped, acoustic and electric instruments—kora, piano, cello, flute and percussion. There will be two 45-minute sets of music with a break in between for conversation and refreshments.  Seating is limited, and timely arrival is appreciated.
House concert guests will be the first to get access to exclusive, pre-released editions of Artemis’ new EP triology “Triptych” and Berkman’s new Colfax release “Jupiter Expeditions.”
For more on the artists, see the following links, which include sound samples:
Live improv with Daniel, Steve Lawson & Artemis, recorded live during their January 2013 house concert series:
Berkman’s latest album under his solo project Colfax:
Artemis’ new album, Sephyra:

view/download videos  ~ Pt 1 of 2   |   Pt 2 of 2

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Are we overplugged? That is the provocative question that David Ryan Polgar asks as he explores the issues surrounding our relationship to technology.
Polgar investigates the ways that our current tech usage affects our brain, relationships, critical thinking, and conversational skills. His approach is as a tech ethicist—considering the legal, ethical, emotional, and sociological issues surrounding our relationship to technology. Polgar’s Overplugged column, co-written with Dr. Greenfield (UConn Med), is carried throughout Connecticut on Patch, along with their website
Polgar is writer, attorney, and college professor at Lincoln College of New England. Focusing on the areas of information overload, critical thinking, and creativity, Polgar has been featured on MSN, Entrepreneur, the Stan Simpson Show, Better Connecticut, CPBN, and Tathaastu magazine. He is the author of Wisdom in the Age of Twitter, set to be released in paperback late 2013. On October 18th he will be delivering a talk at TedxSpringfield (Springfield, MA).
More information at
Polgar spoke at Tunxis Community College on September 17, 2013


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