ART*141 Photography I
3 credits
Introduction to the fundamentals of photography. Students will learn manual camera functions and image editing through lecture, demonstration and assignment. Photographic genres, composition and the technical and aesthetic dimensions of photography are discussed and put into practice. Emphasis will be placed on proper camera use and image processing.  (Elective Type: FA/G/HU) (Ability Assessed: 1)

ART*142 Photography II
3 credits
Introduction to analog photography and processes using black & white film and a variety of camera formats.  Darkroom techniques are explored through lecture, demonstration, and assignments.  Students will photograph, process negatives, and print enlargements of their own work.  Emphasis will be placed on proper camera and darkroom techniques. Prerequisite: C- or better in Photography I (ART*141). (Elective Type: FA/G/HU)

ART*242 Photography III
3 credits
In this intermediate Photography course, students can expand into more advanced, experimental and individual work in analog and digital photography.  Exploring the creative potential of the medium, students will explore various processes and techniques including advanced printing and image alterations. Demonstrations will take place throughout the course but ultimately the student’s choice of focus is self-directed. Prerequisite: C- or better in Photography I (ART*141) and Photography II (ART*142) (Elective Type: FA/G/HU)

ART*205 History of Photography
3 credits
This course surveys the history of photography from its inception in 1839 to the present. Photography’s relationship to its historical, social and cultural context is considered. Students will examine major photographic artists, movements in photography and technical developments in the medium. (Elective Type: FA/G/HU) (Ability Assessed: 1)

ART*243 Studio Photography I
3 credits
Studio Photography is an introduction to lighting techniques and the vast possibilities of working within the photographic studio environment. Through demonstrations, lectures and hands-on assignments, students will learn how to control lighting through the use of strobes and continuous light sources. Standard studio practice and creative problem solving are both emphasized throughout this course. Prerequisite: C- or better in Photography I (ART*141). (Elective Type: FA/G/HU)

ART*257 Commercial Photography
3 credits
An advanced photographic lighting course focusing on lighting techniques used by professional photographers in the studio and on location. Emphasis on controlled lighting conditions and visual styling techniques.  Technical understanding and personal style are primary concerns in creating visual images in the photographic medium. Prerequisites: C- or better in Photography I (ART*141) AND C- or better in Studio Photography I (ART*243). (Elective Type: FA/G/HU) (Ability Assessed: 1)

ART*289 Portfolio Preparation
3 credits
Portfolio Preparation is the final course in the Photography Degree. It is an opportunity for students to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during their time in the program towards a meaningful project which will culminate in a portfolio of images presented in a professional format. Critiques will take place throughout the course but ultimately the student’s choice of focus is self-directed. At the conclusion of this course students will present their work in a gallery exhibition. Prerequisites: C- or better in Studio Photography I (ART*243) AND C- or better in Photography II (ART*142). (Elective Type: FA/G/HU)

INDP*203 Gallery Curatorial Assistant
Gallery curating and exhibition installation assistant. Student learns show preparations including, installation of artworks, preparing gallery walls, writing exhibition copy, preparing labelling for artworks, preparing for opening receptions, designing posters and exhibition cards, preparing insurance lists, transporting and care or artworks, aiding artists in collecting biographies, exhibition lists and deciding which artworks will be exhibited. Assitant works alongside gallery director.

Independent Study
1-6 credits
An opportunity to specialize in advanced projects not covered by courses listed in the college catalog. Students have individual and/or group conferences with faculty. Independent study does not include regularly offered courses.
Prerequisites: Student must—
1. be program-enrolled
2. have completed 30 credits
3. maintain an average of 3.0 in the discipline
4. submit an outline of the project prior to approval
5. acquire a faculty member’s agreement to supervise independent research