Assignment 1

Assignment 1 – Basic Portrait Lighting

Portraiture is one of the most popular genres in photography. Lighting can influence the mood of a portrait and even alter the appearance of the individual in the photograph.


Broad Portrait Lighting
– Broad portrait lighting is when the main light is illuminating the broad side
of the face and the shadow from the nose is being cast onto the short side of
the face. In other words, broad lighting is when the more exposed side of the
face is facing toward the main light.

Short Portrait Lighting
– Short lighting is just the opposite. Short portrait lighting is when the main
light is coming from the short side of the subject and the broad side of the
face is more in shadow.

In this assignment, we will cover the basics of lighting a portrait in a studio environment. I can give you a demonstration on how to use studio equipment in class. You can review images, and see diagrams for lighting setups here. You can choose to work either in the Lighting Studio using the school’s backdrops, light meter, and strobe lights or on your own using your own equipment.
This is an additional resource on Broad and Short Lighting for reference:

What to cover when shooting this assignment:
-photograph several portraits using broad portrait lighting
-photograph several portraits using short portrait lighting
-photograph several portraits exploring various options for one light set-ups. You can review those options here:

What to cover when editing this assignment:
Before you begin please watch this video for a tour of Lightroom: 
-importing photos for editing in Lightroom. Video tutorial: 
-converting photos to black and white in Lightroom. Video tutorial:
-adjusting photos for contrast and brightness in Lightroom. Video tutorial:
-making selective adjustments in Lightroom using the adjustment brush (optional). Video tutorial:
-sizing and exporting files from Lightroom to hand in for assignment. Video tutorial:

Due: 2/13/17

Requirements: Total of 3 images: One exhibiting broad light, one exhibiting short light and one exhibiting one light set-up. All images must be compiled in a pdf presentation
for viewing during the critique.

Please hand in the photos to me following these guidelines:

Please submit your assignment images as attachments (no zip folders please) via email to this address:

Guidelines for submittal:

  1.  All emailed assignments must be received by 3pm on the day they are due, late assignments are not accepted.
  2.  The email subject line should read “Photo 3 Assignment Submission”
  3.  Only send the specified number of photos due for the assignment
  4.  Make sure your submissions are sized and named appropriately by following the directions below…

IMPORTANT: Your files must be saved in the jpg format. They need to be saved at 72dpi and 1024 pixels at the largest dimension (i.e horizontal photos the width should be 1024 pixels, vertical photos the height should be 1024 pixels, there is a video demonstration on how to size files here). Make sure to name your files in this way: LastName_Assignment#_1.jpg (number photos as 1, 2, 3, etc depending on how many you are handing in). Photos uploaded after 1:00 pm on the day they are due will not be accepted. You will be graded on appropriate sizing and naming of files in addition to image content and technique.