Welcome to the capstone exhibition
by the 2020 Portfolio Preparation class!

There are two options for visiting the exhibition.

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The virtual tour will guide you through a 3D gallery. Once gallery loads press play button to begin (gallery may take a moment to load)

The exhibition video displays the individual pieces of artwork alongside excerpts from each students’ artist statements




    : of, relating to, or being an intermediate state, phase, or condition

Liminal is an exhibition featuring works created by the Spring 2020 Portfolio Preparation Class.

Over the course of 15 weeks, each member of this advanced photography class crafts a portfolio dedicated to a single topic of personal importance. Students work individually and as a team critiquing their photographs, reworking original ideas, and questioning and discovering which techniques and aesthetic choices are most effective in conveying their concepts.

This March, seven weeks into this process, Portfolio Prep students, and much of the world, began the practice of social distancing. Using skills cultivated through their artistic practice and studies, the class adapted to their new parameters and forged onward. The communal aspects of the course, critical to portfolio development, continued in the digital realm. The positive energy and drive of the students persisted.

A typical semester in Portfolio Preparation ends with a capstone exhibition in Tunxis’ Barnes-Franklin Gallery. This was not a typical semester. We have chosen to celebrate the achievements of the class with a virtual exhibition in Tunxis’ Gallery in the Cloud. This moment is simply an in-between point on our journey. We look forward to the moment we can stand together and celebrate these achievements. Until then, we will celebrate in this liminal space. After all, capstone exhibitions are always intermediate moments between the now and the next big adventure. We optimistically await what is to come.

Jessica Somers
Instructor of Photography

9 comments on “Liminal
  1. Melissa Z. says:

    Kudos to these wonderful photographers! Your determination and dedication toward your art is evident in this exhibit. Thank you for sharing your creativity on this platform. It truly looked like the gallery at Tunxis. Good luck in future!

  2. Jody says:

    What a nice way to end my Wednesday workday! I’m very impressed with these presentations. They made me think and feel.

  3. M. J. Somers says:

    So wonderful to get to see the culmination of these photography students efforts. Beautiful and inspiring work by all. Congratulation to the artists and may you continue to pursue your passion for photography. Also, kudos for staying with the program during the transition to online instruction. Good luck in the future.

  4. Sara Faulkner says:

    Beautiful expressions by all. I found each beautiful and insightful in different ways. Congratulations to all on your accomplishments and hope for continued success in all your endeavors.

  5. Patti K says:

    This exhibit is impressive in both the work the students produced and in the presentation. I took both tours and enjoyed seeing the student work twice! The photographs are creative, thought-provoking, and sensitive. Each artist’s statement provides the viewer with the artist’s intent and thereby enhances the viewing. Thank you, Jessica, for inspiring your students to create excellent work! Kudos to you all!

  6. Chuck Cleary says:

    I want to say how impressed I am with our students’ artwork. Your perspectives, creativity & way you see the world is inspiring. Thank you for your hard work this semester!
    Chuck Cleary,
    Tunxis Community College
    Dean of Student Affairs

  7. Sam K says:

    Wow! So awesome! Some of the most creative works I’ve seen =)

  8. Mike Z says:

    Brilliant work! It looks just like the actual Barnes-Franklin Gallery.

  9. Jessica Somers says:

    I’m so proud of all of you! Your portfolios are evidence of the hard work, adaptation,perserverance and achievements this semester. Here’s to the next chapter!