The rich text module has a variety of features that make it suited for general purpose content. Most of your classes will make extensive use of these features for uploading your assignments to an e-Portfolio. Two of the most important features are Insert Media and Link to file. These small icons are available when under edit mode of a rich text module.


Link to file – Represented by the file icon on the left. This feature allows for attaching downloadable links for any file format. Ideal for keeping formatting intact.

Insert media – Represented by the picture icon on the right. This feature allows directly inserting image content to display. Media will appear to the viewer with no download needed.

Using either icon brings up the file upload box.


The file size for any uploaded content is set to 20 MB. If you need help reducing the size of a file try asking e-Portfolio lab staff for help. Be aware it’s often not an exact science and may take some time to find a method that works.

Click “Browse” to search for a file. Wait for the “Upload complete” message before clicking “Insert” to attach media to a portfolio.