Some courses require assignments to be submitted through Digication. Your courses are located on your personal home page.

01 - Main Screen

Here there are two listed courses. Actual choices will vary depending on course enrollment. Click the appropriate course to check for and submit assignments. To reach assignments either use “Assignments” along the course menu or use “List” underneath assignments on the left quicklinks.

02 - Course Home

All assignments will be listed. Each will have one or more steps involved in completing it. Students are responsible for any steps that are colored blue. Other steps may include things like rubric grading for the professor or published feedback.

03 - Assignments

Click on a step to view more information about it and submit work. Scroll down to the section for Evidence.

05 - Submit 2

There are three ways to submit assignments:

  • Upload a file directly The upload method will look most familiar. You select a file from your computer to attach and submit.
  • Attach an e-Portfolio page Your course e-Portfolio pages can be submitted this way. Note that your submission is a snapshot of your work. If you change your portfolio you will need to resubmit your pages!
  • Type directly into a rich text box You can directly add text using this method.

To attach an e-Portfolio page select the option from the menu. Every portfolio available to you will be displayed. Click on the one to submit from. Your sections will be displayed with check boxes next to them. Choose the pages that have your course content and check the box.

Please be sure to check with your instructor regarding the required submission method. Don’t forget to use “Save and Submit” when you’re 100% done!