Changing portfolio settings:

The initial settings of a portfolio can be changed through “Portfolio Tools” → “Settings”. The form is identical to the one used when creating a new portfolio.


Changing sections and pages:

You can re-name, delete, or change the settings for both sections and pages. This is accessed through the “Add/Edit” function. Click the pencil/paper icon next to the Section/Page you’d like to change.


On the edit window the “Delete” option is highlighted in red.


Advanced Settings:

For Sections/Pages

  • Hide – Even if your portfolio is public any section or page with this option selected will not appear to viewers.

Exclusive to Pages

  • Collapse – Sub-pages can be condensed under a drop down menu.
  • Heading – Make a page non-clickable (for organizing).


In Add/Edit mode you may also reorder sections and pages. Sections/Pages may be moved by clicking and holding down the left mouse button and then dragged to a new place. This can also be used to create a sub-page. Hold and drag your page to the right to accomplish this. A sub-page will appear indented below the parent page.

Changing Modules

To make changes to a module simply return to edit mode on the module bar. To reorder modules on the page left click and hold down on the “Drag to reorder” button. Move to its new place and release.

Deleting modules is just as easy. Select the delete tab on the module you wish to remove.

Portfolio Organize

To move modules between sections or pages use “Portfolio Tools” → “Organize”. The organize tool can also be used to move sections, pages, and modules between two different e-Portfolio’s. This can be helpful to migrate old information to a new portfolio.