An e-Portfolio isn’t much good without content to go with it. Modules are the way you add content such as text, images, and files. Each module provides a self-contained area for placing different kinds of information.

Adding a New Module:

In order to add a module you must first decide where to place it. The section and page being viewed is identified by an underline. If you’re on the appropriate page then you should proceed.

1.) Add Module If the add module box is not open click “Add a Module”. You want to see something that looks like this.


In this example we are in the “Courses” section on the “Composition I” page. By default “Rich Text” is the selected module.

2.) Select a Module – Rich text is selected by default. It’s also the most used module by far. If you want to select a different module simply select  the one you need. 

3.) Add Module – After selecting your module use “Add This Module” at the bottom to place it on the page.

Types of Modules:

There are two types of modules. The basic modules provide typical content such as text or images. The social modules allow you to integrate features from websites such as facebook and twitter. We will concentrate exclusively on the basic modules.

Image/Video/Audio – Provides a single media box for presenting an image, video, or audio clip.

Module Options:

  • View Media – See how the media looks on the page. Default view when returning to your portfolio.
  • Edit – Use “Replace This Media” to upload a file.
  • Settings – Select whether to allow images to be downloaded.
  • Delete – Remove the entire module.


A blank media module should look like this in edit mode.

Rich Text – Provides a text box that allows for direct typing, pasting documents from Word, linking files for download, or adding inline images.

Module Options:

  • View Text (Default) – See how the content looks on the page. Default view when returning to your portfolio.
  • Edit – Add or edit content. Enter this mode if you need to make changes.
  • Publish – Publish this module only. Publishing is discussed on another page.
  • Delete – Remove this module.


It should look like this when in edit mode. If you see the word processing options then you can start editing your portfolio content.

Gallery – Add a slideshow of images with optional thumbnails and captions. Good for a large collection of images.


Contact – Provides a way for viewers to email you without seeing the email address. CAPTCHA protection helps prevent unwanted spam.