One of the most commonly asked question among new students is “Why do I need an e-Portfolio?” The best answer is simply because it’s useful! Many programs require an internship, or practicum, as the final component before graduation. This often includes a final portfolio assessment. By starting early you will have more material and less to stress about during your final practicum experience.

Digication provides many other benefits for the student, including:

  • Prove your work – Showing the school you’ve met the standards is only one way a portfolio allows you to show off your skills. By making your work publicly available you can use it to present and showcase yourself to potential employers along with a standard resume.
  • Preserve your work – It can be difficult to organize and save old work. Assignments and notes can be valuable when used as refresher for a job interview or as a foundation for new work. Using Digication to upload your schoolwork makes it fast and easy to find.
  • Personalize your work – The advanced features of Digication allow experienced users to design their portfolio to better match their personality. In a low-demand job market it can be crucial to set yourself apart from other candidates.

Most importantly portfolios belong entirely to the students. Only you can decide how to organize and design your portfolio.