In the fall 2009 semester, Tunxis implemented the use of ePortfolio across the curriculum. This process is known as the E-portfolio Project. Since then more programs have adopted Digication as the platform of choice for end-of-program showcases.


Tunxis has selected Digication as its ePortfolio platform due to its ease of use and robust privacy features. You’re in control of the information and design of every portfolio you make.

The first step to using Digication is to enroll in at least one course with Tunxis. Every enrolled student will have an ePortfolio account created for them. Your instructor(s) will let you know if ePortfolio will be used in the course and provide you with any information you might need. However, students are free to make a portfolio on their own and add to it during their program.

Use the provided tutorials to get started. If you’d prefer stop by the ePortfolio lab. An ePortfolio Mentor will be happy to assist you.