A great deal of features included in the AMS can be accessed and changed from the settings menu. To reach there from your course click “Settings” along the course navigation bar.

The available settings are:


  • Status – Display # of students, # of assignments, # of standards, # of discussions
  • General Info – Change any settings made at course creation
  • Import – Import assignments, standards, and settings from another course
  • Delete – Remove the course and ALL content

Assessment (If you included assignments or standards)

  • Add Assignment – Quick link to create new assignment
  • Add Standards – Quick link to add new standards


  • User Access – Brings up the user menu for adding students or additional faculty
  • Attendance – Add class periods to attendance sheet. Can be exported into a spreadsheet friendly format or printed out.
  • User Log – Information on student logins
  • Group Email – Send an email out to entire course

Grades (If you included the gradebook)

  • Gradebook – Lists the grades and average for every enrolled student. The grades may be printed out or exported.
  • Grade Settings – Adjust the grading rubric.

Discussions (If you included discussions)

  • Content Order – Reorder how discussions are displayed
  • Categories – Set up discussion categories (Ex. Announcement, Assignment, Handouts, etc.)
  • Groups – Set up student groups for private submissions or group projects
  • Export Discussions – Download all discussions from the course to archive or to read when not online

Quick Links

  • Edit Links – Add quick links that will show up on the homepage of students. For example, you may wish to include a link to your syllabus.