In order to create a new course you must first be logged into Digication. Faculty have a unique option on their personalized home page under “My courses”. This is the “Create” button and will allow you to set up your courses.

1 - Main Page

There are two parts to the course creation process both included in a single form. The first part is the course information: Title, Course Number, and Description. The second part involves the actual settings of your course: Availability and Tools.

Course Information:

1.) Title – This will be the name of the course you are teaching.

2.)  Course Number – Enter the course number of the current course.

3.) Description – Include a description of the course to be listed on the homepage of students/faculty attached to the course.


1.) Availability – Normally you should set this to the start/end dates of the semester. The course will be moved to the “Past Courses” area after the time has expired.

2 - Create 1

2.) Tools – The most basic setup of a Digication course should include Assignments & Standards.

  • Gradebook – Adds a gradebook to your course that will allow you to set and track grades for discussion posts. For example, you may have students attach an assignment to a post and grade it directly through Digication as an alternative to Blackboard.
  • Attendance – Allows instructors to track student attendance directly through Digication
  • Discussions – Use discussions to facilitate student/instructor and student/student conversations. They may also be used in conjunction with the gradebook to directly assign grades to individual posts.
  • Portfolios – This will list the portfolio’s of every student who has added your course to custom permissions. Great for collaborative portfolio’s, student/student portfolio feedback, or removing clutter from your account homepage.
  • Assignments – Add, track, and maintain course assignments.
  • Standards – Add, track, and maintain the Tunxis standards attached to your course.

3 - Create 2

Click “Create” to finish creating your course. All of these settings can be changed from within the newly created course.

5 - Course Menu

Your course homepage includes a checklist to help with adding students, adding standards, creating assignments, and starting up discussions. All of these area’s and more will be explained in other tutorials.