Digication supports adding and grading of assignments through the AMS system. In order to add assignments navigate to the “Assignments” tab of your course. Any available assignments will be listed here. The assignment section is empty to start. Create a new assignment through the “Add Assignment” button.

7 - Add Assignment 1

Instructors who have used Digication to manage courses previously will be able to import old assignments through the “Browse Assignments” button. Start a new assignment by entering a relevant name and providing a brief description of the assignment (consider including detailed instructions for students).

8 - Add Assignment 2

Click “Save” to add the assignment and begin adding steps.

9 - Add Assignment 3An assignment will have at minimum one step to be completed but will often include more. To begin, click “Add Step”.

Instructors can include:

  • Evidence – Request students to provide files, portfolio pages, or text box submission. Evidence serves as the basis of the other steps.

11 - Evidence Options

  • Rubric – Assign a grading rubric to evaluate an evidence step. Grading rubrics may be set for teacher, peer, or self grading.
  • Reflection – Include a reflection to evaluate an evidence step. Reflections may be set for teacher, peer, or self assessment.
  • Standards – Apply standards for evaluating student work against institutional requirements.