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PAC Information


For the remainder of the Fall 2017 semester, the Political Awareness Club will meet the following Wednesdays at 3:00pm in the Civic Engagement Institute, room 6-202: November 8th, November 29th, and December 13th.

Every semester, the club creates a podcast on a relevant political issue facing the community, the state, or the country. Here is its first podcast from May 2017: May 2017 Podcast: Hartford’s Fiscal Crisis  Special thanks to Media Specialist Mike Zych for producing the podcast.

Here is the club’s podcast from December 2017 on civility. December 2017 Podcast: On Civility



About PAC

The Tunxis Political Awareness Club is an official campus organization approved by the Student Government Association. Its purpose is to bring civil discourse and multiple points of view to our political culture. In a polarized nation such as ours, educational institutions have a responsibility to instill the ideals of mutual respect, cooperation, and civility in our student body. This is done by having meetings, hosting forums, and creating podcasts. Club officers and members include:

Kevin Short–Vice-President

Mike Farnan–Treasurer

Chris Amaya

Jesse Gutaukas

Ajay Varghete

The Club can be contacted by emailing TunxisPAC2017@gmail.com. You can also contact club faculty advisor, Dr. Rafaele Fierro, professor of history and government, at rfierro@txcc.commnet.edu