Benefit to the Faculty

Service Learning offers many benefits to faculty and staff. In this section, you will find reference materials, forms and links for service learning projects, and sample assignments.

Teaching with Service Learning can:

  • Encourage interactive teaching methods and reciprocal learning between students & faculty
  • Increase students’ interest in, and commitment to, the course by showing them the real-world relevance of course material
  • Increase student learning, understanding and retention of material
  • Promote students’ active learning; engage students with different learning styles (visual, kinesthetic, interpersonal, etc…)
  • Develop students’ critical thinking, communication & teamwork skills (ABE)
  • Develop students’ civic, ethic and leadership skills
  • Add new insights and dimensions to class discussions
  • Boost course enrollment by attracting highly motivated and engaged students
  • Provide networking opportunities with engaged faculty in other disciplines
  • Foster relationships with community organizations
  • Provide firsthand knowledge of, and opportunities to be more involved in, community issues
  • Help retain students at Tunxis CC and increase re-enrollment
  • Compatible with e-portfolio
  • Innovative way to Spice up teaching