Curriculum Integration

The Civic Engagement Institute is dedicated to having as many courses as possible making civic engagement an integral part of the curriculum. Willing faculty can make their classroom a place that is connected to the community by including civic-minded assignments. In Math for the Liberal Arts, for example, the instructor can make use of polling data and voting apportionment so students can learn about statistics and politics. The eventual goal is to not merely take the path of least resistance, but to produce something transformational. Rather than take account of teachers who offer an assignment or two in civic engagement, let’s provide grant money to teachers who revamp their course to build civic engagement into the curriculum.

Most recently, the CEI has gotten approval from the Board of Regents of an 18 credit civic engagement certificate culminating in a paid internship or independent study individually tailored to suit the specific civic responsibility goals of each student. The certificate requirements are as follows:

American Government

U.S. History I

Principles of Sociology

Introduction to Criminal Justice or Introduction to Human Services


Internship/Independent Study