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The Civic Engagement Institute (CEI) consists of a vibrant intellectual space where ideas are discussed and debated for facilitating knowledge and civility and fostering solutions to community problems. The Institute is the engine by which Tunxis Community College becomes the hub of community life.

Advisory Board

Robert Brown, Professor of History
Marie Clucas, Professor of Sociology
Steve Ersinghaus – Professor of English
Amy Feest – Professor of Business
Rachel Hyland – Librarian

Robin Knowles, Professor of Dental Hygiene
Lynn Laskowski, Professor of Natural Sciences
Sue Lounsbury – Professor of Mathematics

Ira Mozille, Adjunct Instructor of Interpersonal Communication/Public Speaking

Sally Terrell – Professor of English

Claudia Turcotte, Professor of Dental Hygiene

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Legislative Internship

Are you interested in seeing how our state’s political process works?

Would you like to network to further your career goals?

Become a Legislative Intern. It is not just for students who are political science majors or want to be politicians!

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Political Awareness Club (PAC)

The Tunxis Political Awareness Club is an official campus organization approved by the Student Government Association. Its purpose is to bring civil discourse and multiple points of view to our political culture. In a polarized nation such as ours, educational institutions have a responsibility to instill the ideals of mutual respect, cooperation, and civility in our student body. This club plays a role in doing just that. Dr. Rafaele Fierro, professor of history and government, is the advisor to this club.

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The 2020 Election

We will be posting news of the 2020 Election here. There are so many facets of this election that are worthy of discussion. We should

President of Poland Visits New Britain  


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