August 5, 2019 Rafaele Fierro

Students who are matriculated at Tunxis Community College can now get a Board of Regents approved certificate in civic engagement. This certificate consists of 18 credits culminating in an independent study or internship that comes with a $500 stipend to offset the three-credit cost. The details are below:


Certificate in Civic Engagement

The Certificate in Civic Engagement will prepare students for careers designed to positively impact the civic well-being of their communities.  This will be accomplished through a diverse array of coursework and a hands-on practicum focusing on sensitizing students to the needs of the community.

Eng. 101               Composition    3 credits

Pol. 111                American Government    3 credits


HSE 101                Introduction to Human Services

                                                  OR                                3 credits

CJS 101                 Introduction to Criminal Justice  


HIS 201                 U.S. History 1         3 credits                                                 

SOC 101                Principles of Sociology  3 credits


Civic Engagement Practicum/Internship    3 credits      


TOTAL           18 credits


These courses do not have to be taken in any particular order, nor do they need to be taken after deciding to do the certificate. In other words, if you have taken already courses such as Composition and American Government as part of your General Studies degree, you also can count these courses toward your civic engagement certificate. Why complete a certificate in civic engagement? For a number of reasons: The certificate allows you to to gain knowledge in some of the pressing issues that surround your community and makes it possible for you to be an active and productive member of your community. The certificate also more closely connects you to the Tunxis community, thereby making you much more successful as a student. Finally, studies show students who embrace civic education improve their grade point average, are more likely to complete their degree, and succeed subsequently at a four-year college or university.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Rafaele Fierro at (860) 773-1642 or Cliff Sargis at (860) 773-1966.