February 22, 2018 jgirard

The Faces of Homeless panel presented by the Community Outreach Club and Hands on Hartford. Hands on Hartford is an organization that helps homeless and impoverished people in the Hartford area. The Faces of Homelessness speakers were two formerly homeless men, named Sal and Ralph and a representative from the organization. The panel started with a quick primer on the types of homelessness. After that Sal told his story about being homeless for 20 years, he recently got his own place after an organization was able to help him find housing. Ralph was homeless, in prison at points and now has a college diploma, and a home. The overall message of the panel was that compassion is key. We can fight homelessness if we work together and make changes. I would like to thank the Community Outreach Club,Hands on Hartford, and the speakers themselves for coming and enlightening us with first hand stories of their struggles and successes.