November 22, 2017 jgirard

This past Friday, November 17th, Tunxis Community College and the Tunxis Foundation held their annual fundraising and networking breakfast. A giant thank you is in order for everyone involved including Tunxis President James Lombella, Keynote speaker Vanessa Williams, and student speaker Dhrumil (Dru) Shah. The Tunxis Foundation is a charitable organization whose goal is to help the faculty, students, and Tunxis Community College in general. The breakfast was a great success and Vanessa Williams sent a strong message to the business leaders to connect with students to gain a new perspective and to help the students gain on-hand experience.

Student speaker Dhrumil (Dru) Shah

Sal Vitriano – Tunxis Foundation President

Dr. James P. Lombella, Tunxis President

Vanessa Williams, Keynote Speaker