The Program

Tunxis Community College’s New Media Communication is an interdisciplinary, ability-based program that provides an Associate in Science degree.  In the program students engage with established, emerging and often experimental digital tools to study, design and produce digital and non-digital media.  Content and practice are rooted in the liberal arts, sciences, and humanities, drawing from ideas and practices across multiple disciplines.

The program positions students for baccalaureate and graduate degrees in professional and academic disciplines where digital media play a significant role.  These areas include game studies and development, digital studies, communication, teaching, art, journalism, business, and software studies and development.  The program encourages critical thinking, collaboration, inventiveness, experimentation, concept development, and creative problem solving.

Students will also engage in three areas of applied research throughout their career in the New Media Communication program, ending in independent study projects and a portfolio that can be shared with transfer institutions or potential employers.  The research groups include: digital storytelling and interactive narrative; games and simulations; social media and new media culture.