Campus Expansion Update: July 29, 2013

We are almost finished with the second phase of a multi-phase campus expansion project, with completion of Phase II expected in early August 2013. The project will expand the campus to 292,000 square feet.

Phase II

Phase II includes construction of a three-story, 56,000-square-foot classroom building which extends from the 600 Building and adds 20 classrooms to campus while making room for future office and meeting space.

Currently: Tunxis is working on the punch list for the building. Final construction remains on schedule, and as of July 29, 2013, the project is almost complete. The building is expected to be turned over by or before August 9.

Finishing touches are in progress on the restrooms. All other interior work has been completed. Furniture has been delivered and 95% has been installed.

Exterior building work has been finished. The majority of landscaping has been completed, and paving will take place August 14-15.

New building extension 2013

A walkway has been completed which provides another passage from the courtyard to buildings on the south side of campus.


Art Installation

“Passing Through,” a public art project for Phase II construction, includes life-sized stainless steel silhouettes of Tunxis students. The theme is of people engaged in a trek and is intended as a metaphor for the educational journey. Students with diverse stories and backgrounds modeled for the silhouettes. Their essays will become part of a website associated with the project.

The artwork, which will be installed in January 2014, is required by a Connecticut law that requires “not less than 1% of the cost of construction or substantial renovation of publicly accessible state buildings be allocated for the commission or purchase of artworks for that building.”

Parking, Driving and Getting Around Campus:

  • The Continuing Education Office moved from Room 326 to Founders Hall to make way for a new walkway which is in progress.
  • Construction of the north entrance to campus (closest to Route 6) is complete, and is right turn only for those exiting campus. The south entrance off Route 177 has been widened to accommodate a new traffic signal, which was installed in August.
  • Parking in the Bidstrup Hall parking lot and along the grassy area next to the back of the 600 Building is no longer available since these are now part of the fenced-off construction area.
  • Extra security will be assigned to the main parking lots at the beginning of fall 2012 semester to help keep traffic flowing.

Entry and Exit from Buildings:

  • Those entering the 600 Building will have to use entrances other than the back entrance facing Route 6. Those who wish to exit through this door will only be able to go left due to the temporary construction fencing.
  • All other buildings are unaffected.

Other Project Details and Miscellaneous Facts:

  • In compliance with Connecticut statute for new state buildings, the 600 Classroom Building Extension is a certified LEED (Leadership, Energy, Environmental Design) green building. Among the features are a 4,500 gallon storage tank for rainwater harvesting to service restrooms, motion sensor lighting, building products made of recycled materials, and a building design that makes efficient use of natural light. At the end of the project, the building will at least meet the LEED silver standard.
  • A Grand Opening (open house) to celebrate the new building extension is scheduled for August 22, 4-7 p.m.
  • The steel structure was topped off on August 3, 2012.
  • December 6, 2011 marks the official start date of Phase II construction.
  • The construction schedule for state projects is based on the contract signing date. The contractor must start the project within days of the contract signing.
  • The construction site is a restricted area where hard hats are required.