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Notice: The e-Portfolio lab will be providing its open hours in CL-5 located in the Computer Lab proper.

This site serves as the hub for news, resources, and information about Digication. Digication is the current ePortfolio platform and is used in many courses offered at Tunxis. Additionally, it plays an integral role in the final semester of many of our offered programs which include a portfolio assessment.

Our updated format adds many new features for use by students and faculty alike. These include: An e-mail form for contacting our e-Portfolio lab staff, readily available lab hours, and an easily accessible Digication link. All of this is available from every page.

We’ve overhauled our tutorials to better match the current state of Digication and provide greater support to staff members who are new to using it. Video walkthroughs provide an alternative to the text tutorials.

If you have any issues to report regarding use of the new design please contact the ePortfolio lab.