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Eric Dreeke


I discovered photography while living among the Inupiat of Northern Alaska in the mid 1980s. Upon returning to my native Texas, I continued my personal work in photography while managing the day to day operations of a major Black & … Continue reading

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Basic Level Core Program

Our newly developed core program draws upon over 20 years of digital photography experience of our professional photographers. At the heart of the 3-course program is the belief that the beginning photographer in this age of digital photography must possess a solid knowledge of:

  • HOW TO USE the digital camera;
  • HOW TO APPLY that knowledge while taking pictures;
  • HOW TO CONTROL AND ENHANCE the digital photo in post-production in a professional manner.

Students who complete the entire program can count on being able to apply what they have learned in pursuing their photography ambitions. They also will be eligible to continue to take more advanced courses such as “Studio Lighting,” “Portraiture,” “Wedding Photography,” “Studio Product Photography,” “Food Photography,” “Lightroom4,” “Photoshop Elements 10,” and many more courses designed to provide them with advanced professional photography training. Note: All advanced courses require the prerequisite of completing the (3) core program courses or the permission of the instructor based on portfolio review and interview.

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