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Graduation (Matriculation) Guides

Students should follow the Graduation Guide (also known as a Matriculation – or MAT – Guide) for the program based on the semester they are admitted into the BA program; they can also choose to follow a Graduation Guide from a more recent semester, but they cannot follow a Graduation Guide from a semester prior to matriculation into the BA program.

[notice]As of Fall 2013, new students cannot enroll in a BA Option. Instead, all BA students will follow the BA Degree Graduation Guide and those wishing to focus on specific skill sets should enroll in a certificate program along with the BA Degree. Students enrolled prior to 2013-2014 can continue in their degree option.[/notice]

BA Associates Degree – 2015-2016

BA Certificates

Previous BA Associates Guides -You can use the guide for the year you entered the BA Program:





 2010 -2011