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Alumni Success

Graduating Tunxis BA students prove that they have the skills needed to be successful in a career or in a four year institution. Through our ePortfolio program, students demonstrate that they have attained the knowledge needed to move ahead. Here are a few samples to show you some of their success:

Karen Avitable, Editor, AAA Journeys Magazine

“The Business Administration program at Tunxis prepares students for the real-world work force. The courses give students firsthand experience in a broad range of areas that are crucial for success in today’s highly competitive work environment. The instructors in the Business Administration have worked in the field, and bring a wealth of their personal experiences to the classroom. I wanted to broaden my job responsibilities at AAA, so I obtained an Associate’s in Science, Marketing Management from Tunxis in 2009, after receiving a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from UConn 20 years earlier. As a result, I have added marketing responsibilities to my job as the editor of AAA’s Journeys magazine.”




Every three years, Tunxis conducts a survey of recent graduates. To view the success of our BA graduate placements: http://tunxis.edu/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Graduate-Placement-Information.pdf.