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e-Commerce Courses

BBG*214 e-Business (a) 3 credits

Covers the basics of how to start and manage an e-business enterprise and examines the impact of the internet on business and how it has expanded a firm’s ability to customize its product and service offerings. Emphasis is on new venture finance, the economics of e-commerce, as well as the special finance and business management problems associated with e-commerce such as on-line payments, security, customer service, and inventory control.

BBG*237 e-Commerce Law and Ethics (a) 3 credits

The legal environment of e-commerce and global commerce and the ethical issues relevant to e-commerce and global commerce are examined. The scope of the global legal context is applied to internet based businesses that, through necessity, operate across borders and legal systems. Here we establish a foundation for students to understand the legal implications of this new business environment.

BMK*216 Internet Marketing (a) 3 credits

This course examines how the Internet has brought new capabilities to the marketing function. Students revisit the basic tenets of marketing and assess the impact of the Internet on these basic principles, addressing benefits as well as the limi-tations of Internet Marketing. Emphasis is on the practical application of electronic commerce technology solutions to the elements of the marketing mix and the implementation of marketing plans.

Prerequisite: C- or better in Principles of Marketing (BMK*201).