Course Descriptions

All classes will be offered at Tunxis Community College in Farmington, CT or online through Blackboard Learn.

A current list of courses by semester can be found here:

You can view the institutional syllabi for all Tunxis courses here:

Accounting Courses

  ACC*100 Basic Accounting 3 credits An introduction to basic accounting concepts and principles, with an emphasis on their practical application to recording, classifying, and summarizing financial information that flows within a business enterprise. The accounting cycle is examined; along with such areas as sales, purchases, cash, receivables, and payroll. This course is recommended for …

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Business Courses

BBG*101 Introduction to Business 3 credits Introduces the principles and practices of business management. Topics include: informational and legal foundations for business management; economic,regulatory, and societal environment of business; entrepreneurship, finance, and marketing; planning, organizing, leading and controlling a business organization. BBG*214 e-Business (a) 3 credits Covers the basics of how to start and manage …

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e-Commerce Courses

BBG*214 e-Business (a) 3 credits Covers the basics of how to start and manage an e-business enterprise and examines the impact of the internet on business and how it has expanded a firm’s ability to customize its product and service offerings. Emphasis is on new venture finance, the economics of e-commerce, as well as the …

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Economics Courses

ECN*101 Principles of Macroeconomics (a) 3 credits Introduction to aggregate economic phenomena and processes, and fundamental economic concepts of supply and demand, exchange and specialization, and international trade. Topics include national income accounting, the circular flow of money, income and spending, the monetary system of the economy, unemployment and inflation, determination of national income and …

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Finance Courses

BFN*110 Personal Finance (a) 3 credits Provides an overview of the financial planning and investing process. It examines personal incomes and budgets, home and consumer financing, insurance of personal assets, personal investing and retirement planning. Topics covered will include the time value of money, investments, loans and credit, cash management, taxes, life and health insurance, …

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Marketing Courses

BMK*103 Principles of Retailing (a) 3 credits Introduction to the technical and theoretical aspects of retailing necessary for mid-management employment. Areas of emphasis include merchandise management, buying, pricing, site selection, operations, and human resources management. Prerequisites: C- or better in Integrated Reading and Writing II (ENG*075) OR Introduction to College Reading & Writing (ENG*093), or …

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