Disability Update

Submitted by Amanda Testo and Cathy Felice

Accommodation Extended Testing reached a record high during the Fall 2009 semester totaling 323 testing sessions.

Kudos to faculty and staff for collaborating with disability services in order to provide extended testing accommodations and also for support with alternative testing formats to meet the individual needs of students who are blind and /or physically impaired. Students tested in a variety of formats including online, Braille, with screen reader software technology, and with the assistance of traditional readers and scribes.

In addition, now that course outlines and assignments are more and more available electronically, students who rely on the use of adaptive technology can now receive and access information with greater ease and independence. For example, one of our students who is blind was so appreciative to receive an essay with the instructor’s comments (scanned and sent to her email) the same day as the other students. This connection and inclusion in the learning process is the Tunxis difference.

If you are working with a student who requires or would benefit from alternative testing formats, please contact Cathy Felice (cfelice@txcc.commnet.edu) or Amanda Testo (atesto@txcc.commnet.edu) to discuss accommodation recommendations and/or appropriate options.